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Mrs. Indelicato’s advice on college applications


With the start of the new school year students have many things on their minds. Seniors in particular have big decisions to make in the upcoming months. For many seniors college is in their future. College applications loom over our heads among everything else we have to do. 

Applying to college is a long and tedious process. There are many different aspects of a college application and it can get overwhelming from the start. It is hard to know where to start and what exactly we should be doing. 

Many students, myself included, have questions regarding the college application process as a whole and what we should be doing in the coming months.  

To help ease us into the process and understand to an extent, I spoke with Mrs. Indelicato about what we should expect as we navigate through this new chapter.

1. What should students do to make themselves stand out on an application and what is the most important aspect of the application process?

“Students should look for some unique traits to talk about in their essays. Being a part of a community, clubs, or even jobs can show colleges that you have multiple dimensions to your character. The most important aspect of the application is definitely the college essay”

2. Does the acceptance rate for schools vary depending on choice of major?

“The acceptance rate is typically the same all around unless someone is applying to a specific school within a college. Certain majors might have a cut on admissions depending on the number of applicants.”

3. Should students send their SAT scores to schools?

“If it comes close to hitting their requirement then students should send them. It really depends on the school as well. If the scores would not help the application then students shouldn’t send them in.”

4. Is it beneficial to apply early, whether it be early action or early decision?

“Early action appeals to many because everything is done by November. Seniors tend to be very stressed out and have a lot on their plates. Applying early would allow students to know of decisions by the first of the year. However, it is perfectly ok to need more time to put everything together. There is no wrong way to do this, it all depends on your own comfortability factor.”

5. How has the process changed over the years & how has that influenced college admissions?

“College expectations have changed a lot. It has changed in that many schools are now test optional. The waiving of standardized tests could be great and also might be a bit of a hindrance, as applicants are judged on fewer credentials.”

6. Do you have any advice for students who are getting into the college application process?

“It is important for students to stay patient with the whole process and understand that they don’t need to have their whole life figured out. Another thing is that it is ok to change your mind about these things.”

7. Is there anything else you feel that students should know as they navigate through the college application process?

“It is very important that students are getting strong recommendations early on. A letter of recommendation can be the determinant of getting in or not. If people aren’t sure who to ask, think of a teacher you have a personal connection with or one who’s class you did well in. If possible try and get one from a teacher who’s department is within your choice of major.”

“In their college essays students should be writing about lessons they have learned in their lives. Don’t just recount an experience of yours, instead showcase the lessons that came with that experience. Another thing to keep in mind is that your essay does not have to be about a monumental moment in your life.”

Hopefully, this information will help students as they navigate through the college application process in the next few months. If anyone still has questions about anything, guidance or other staff members could help out in answering them.

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About the Contributor
Nadia Aldweib, Writer
Hi! My name is Nadia Aldweib and I am a senior at Winthrop High School. This is my third year on the staff and I'm hoping to write a variety of different stories this year. Aside from newspaper  I am also a part of the WHS Drama Society where I am the lighting designer. I am also a part of STEAM Club, MUN, and the WHS girls tennis team. This year in newspaper I'm especially  looking forward to working with friends and publishing more stories!

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