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Winthrop High School's Premier News Site Since 2019

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Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Weber


I recently got the opportunity to interview one of 

Winthrop’s new teachers. I interviewed Ms. Weber,

one of the English and Special Education teachers.

I got her thoughts on Winthrop and the 

community and learned more about her. A big

thank you to Ms. Weber for doing this interview with



So, for anyone who doesn’t know, what do you teach?


Ms. Weber: I teach Special Education and English, and I teach 9th and 10th grade.


How long have you been teaching?


Ms. Weber: One year, this is my first year teaching.


How has Winthrop been so far?


Ms. Weber: It’s been great! Everybody has been so nice and so welcoming. 


What’s the best thing about Winthrop so far?


Ms. Weber: My first answer that I think of is when I get out of the car, and the first thing I smell in the morning is the salty air. I love that. I’m not used to it all since I’m from Missouri, so that’s very different for me. The people are also one of the best things. 


Where did you grow up?


Ms. Weber: Kansas City, Missouri, then I went to school in Colombia, Missouri, and then I moved here.


Where did you go to college?


Ms. Weber: University of Missouri! In Colombia, this is important, not the one in Kansas City. Big deal. 


What are your hobbies outside teaching, and do you have any fun facts about yourself?


Ms. Weber: I like to paint, and I like to bake. And a fun fact about myself is that my favorite food is rice. 


Is there anything specific that you’re working on right now?

Ms. Weber: With painting, I like to do greeting cards to family cause my whole family lives in Missouri, and so we send funny greeting cards. I’m not a good painter, so I want to make it very clear, but I love it. They’re mostly jokes, so I would send something that I know would make a family member laugh or something like that. I do that all the time; that’s my favorite stress relief. I think it’s fun.


What do you like to bake?


Ms. Weber: I like to bake banana bread; it’s my favorite, it’s so yummy.


Are you gonna make pumpkin bread now that it’s fall?


Ms. Weber: I’m not a pumpkin person. Like, I will not be one of those people getting pumpkin spice lattes; that’s not me. I respect it and would love to be one of those people, but I don’t know; it’s not my thing. 


Do you have any plans for this school year or this year in general?


Ms. Weber: In class, we have a lot of really fun things that we are learning, obviously, which is so fun. But I’ve heard a lot of things about the pep rally, specifically the staff infections band, like the teachers band. And I’m just really intrigued by that, so I’m really excited for that.  


What are some of the things you guys will do in class?


Ms. Weber: We’re reading To Kill A Mockingbird with the 10th grade right now; that’s really fun. I just like that book. It’s really fun to read. But with 9th grade, we’re about to start House on Mango Street, and that one is really fun. I like to do lots of coloring pieces and projects, and that’s really fun. Anything colorful because I’m obviously into the creative side.


This is your first year of teaching. Is it everything you expected?


Ms. Weber: I’m really tired, but I’m having a lot of fun. It’s been great; everyone has been so helpful, so I don’t know if it’s what I expected, but I think probably better than I expected. I was expecting the worst. Like, I was preparing for the worst. But definitely tired, like the fatigue that students feel coming back from the summer, we feel, it’s the exact same.

I learned a lot about Ms. Weber and the things she likes. She is a wonderful new addition to the staff at Winthrop, and let’s all make sure she feels welcome! Another thank you to Ms. Weber, who gave me the time to interview her!

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  • C

    Chris Summa c/o Winthrop High SchoolOct 10, 2023 at 12:31 pm

    This interview was nicely done…Bravo! I honestly didn’t know that this was her first year teaching.
    I agree with you that Ms. Weber is a wonderful addition to WHS and so sweet, too!