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Winthrop High School's Premier News Site Since 2019

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Winthrop High School's Premier News Site Since 2019

The Viking Times

Taylor Swift Continues to Crush Records at The Grammys

Photo in Courtesy of Salon.Com

All Swifties had the time of their lives on the night of the Grammy’s, Taylor came in with speculations on announcing “Reputation Taylor’s Version”, but she shocked everyone. Swift won an award, made an announcement, and she even broke a record, so it was quite the night! There was a lot of trending topics on the internet, and controversy.

Photo in Courtesy of Cosmopolitan

Right at the beginning of the night, Taylor instantly came in with a bang, a unique white dress, long black gloves layered necklaces, and tall black heels. She walks and poses on the carpet with pride, when another amazing, talented artist named Lana Del Ray comes on with her, fans go crazy because of the pair.

The night begins, famous music artists perform on stage, there is laughter, hugs and heartwarming speeches, when all of a sudden…Taylor wins “Best Pop Vocal Album for Midnights” Her lucky number, thirteenth grammy, she says her speech and then drops this iconic quote, “I want to say thank you to the fans by telling you a secret that I’ve been keeping from you for the past two years…” She then announces her new album called “The Tortured Poets Department” Releasing April 19th. This shocked everyone, fans were fully convinced that Taylor was going to annouce “Reputation Taylor’s Version” Because of this, some Swifties were even annoyed with the news. Others online talked about how they felt she ignored the legendary Céline Dion when accepting her award, they didn’t like the name of the new album, or that they found her timing to be innapropriate.

As much as fans love a new album, they were expecting Taylor to annnounce her remake of “Reputation” which was an unforgettable drop, and a huge moment in her career. Fans go crazy for this album, so everyone was excited for the remake. Why is this such a big deal though?

I’ll make this quick, there was a man named Scooter Braun who was essentially in charge of all of Taylors albums and he later on owned all of Taylor’s origial albums, Taylor shared that over the years she was a victim of endless bullying by him. Taylor has remade 6/8 of her albums, them being “Taylor Swift” and “Reputation”. Reputation isn’t only famous for this though, it is famous for her tour and why she made the album in the first place.

At the awards taylor one two grammy’s, and she broke the record by being the first person in the Grammys history to win “Album of the Year” Four times.

It is safe to say that the Grammys night was a success and whirl of emotions for the Swifites.


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