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Winthrop High School's Premier News Site Since 2019

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Is the Superbowl scripted?


This years Super Bowl, the Chiefs made a shocking comeback to win the game 25-22. The game started with the 49ers offense tearing into the Chiefs defense. Both sides had fumbles but the 49ers were progressing much better than the Chiefs were. The situation started to turn around after halftime however. The Chiefs started to play much stronger offensively and ended up tying the game. In overtime, a new rule was stated that both teams had a chance to score. This would mean that the game would continue until one team had a higher scoring offensive drive. The 49ers won the coin toss and opted to start the offensive drive first. The 49ers made it far but ultimately were forced to go for a field goal, only scoring 3 points. The Chiefs drive started slow. At first, it looked like the Chiefs would lose. However, Quarterback Patrick Mahomes was able to find a gap and rushed for several yards. The QB rush brought the Chiefs very close to the end zone but only with 40 seconds left. The Chiefs Coach, Andy Reid, made a decision to not call a timeout to stop the play timer. With only 5 seconds left, the Chiefs ran the play “Corndog” and Mahomes passed to Hardman in the end-zone to win the game.


The game itself was pretty normal; it went back and forth between the two teams in the first 4 quarters. Both teams roughly had the same performance on their drives and neither team seemed to budge. I think that the overtime was the most interesting part however. The Chiefs offensive progression started horrible, gaining very little yards. On a long pass though, Mahomes opts to run for the Quarterback sneak. Although I am a Mahomes fan, I found the entire play very strange. Their were many players in the area where Mahomes was but none of the attempted to stop his rush. I think the last play of the game was the weirdest one though. Andy Reid’s decision to not call a timeout is extremely risky. The play forced a situation where if the play didn’t work, the game was over.


I don’t think the NFL or the Superbowl are rigged personally, many conspiracies are being brought up about the Superbowl and the Chiefs. A strong hate point for many people is the relationship between Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. The team earlier in the season had a rough starting, losing the season opener to the Lions and losing many vital games in fall. The team has had a surprising comeback though in the playoffs, winning every round and winning the Superbowl. Many people account this to the NFL “scripting” the Chiefs to go into the Superbowl due to the higher viewer count of the team, thanks to Taylor Swift. Another conspiracy is that the NFL wished for the Chiefs to win because of the political views of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift has endorsed the Democratic party in the past and Travis Kelce is known for endorsing the Pfizer vaccine. Many Republicans believe that the NFL scripted the Chiefs to win the Superbowl because the NFL wishes to increase votership towards Biden and the Democratic Party.


Although I do believe the referees are biased towards the Chiefs, I don’t believe that the NFL is scripted at all. The Chiefs have massive amounts of talent, breaking many records and likely many more in the future.


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