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What Is the Best Single Use Water Bottle Brand?

Single-use water bottles are extremely useful due to their quick accessibility. As the summer rolls in, people will need to make sure they are extra hydrated. There are many brands of single-use water bottles though. In this article I will break down some of the most popular single use water bottle brands in order of my favorites. I am ranking each water bottle based off of their water bottle quality, taste, price, and accessibility.


Poland Spring #1

Poland Spring is probably considered a pretty basic choice but it definitely claims the #1 spot on my list. Poland Spring is probably the best all around for a single use water bottle. Poland Spring is accessible almost everywhere as well which makes it an extremely reliable waterbottle brand.

Smartwater #2

For me personally I think Smartwater has to absolutely win #2. It’s not the best water bottle to buy in bulk but it’s the cheapest and largest water bottle you could buy at a convenience store. The quality of the water is also pretty good, so it’s definitely worth every dollar. For anyone getting Smartwater I would recommend getting the largest bottle possible.

Fiji #3

Fiji water is definitely the best tasting water and can be bulk in large bottles. The cost of Fiji significantly moves it down my list though. Fiji is the priciest of all the water bottle brands on the list, but it’s definitely worth it.

Kirkland #4

Kirkland (Costco) is definitely a great #4 choice. Kirkland would have been #3 if they were sold in bigger sizes and sold in more stores. Kirkland has a fresh taste and can be bought cheaply and in bulk. Kirkland is definitely pretty good in almost all standards.

Iceland Spring #5

Iceland springs is a very good water bottle brand. The cost of the water and it’s generally smaller size though make it go lower on the list. Iceland Springs could be interchangeable with Aquafina on my list.

Aquafina #6

Aquafina is a similar quality to Poland Spring but normally a little worse and less accessible. Aquafina is definitely still a solid option though.

Acadia #7

Acadia water is mostly sold in bulk and never alone. I view Acadia as a cheaper version of Kirkland and Poland Spring. Acadia can be reliable though if needed.

Dasani #8

I do think that Dasani is better than most people think. However, Dasani is still definitely the last on this list because of the water quality and cost. Dasani only makes the list due to its reliability and it’s accessible at most stores.

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  • M

    Mrs. SummaMay 17, 2024 at 7:48 pm

    I always buy Poland Springs it is good tasting and not too pricey. Although I agree with you that Fiji is the best tasting, but it is a bit pricey. I didn’t realize there were so many other names of bottled water! I guess I am just a Poland Springs fan. I enjoyed your article and I think it just might’ve put an idea in my head to try other brands!