Dive Into The Winthrop High Swim Season


Casey Petersen, Writer

It is finally time for the swimming season! Every year in the winter season, The Winthrop Vikings and Lynn English Bulldogs team up in hopes to bring home a swim title. The swim team is the only team in Winthrop High School that is combined with another school’s team. I caught up with Senior Captain Ina Shabani, and swimmer, Michael Callanan.

Casey Petersen: “How do you predict the season is going to go this year?”

Ina Shabani: “I think this season is going to go really well since our team is bigger than last year and everyone is improving on their individual events, as well as events that we typically don’t do.”

Michael Callanan: “I predict that the season is going to go good for us, we have a larger team than we had last year and everyone seemed to have improved, and there are many new people that are really picking it up well.”

CP: “From the practices you have had, how is the team connecting?”

IS: “The team is connecting really well since we help each other out during practices when a coach is occupied with another swimmer. Our communication has improved and everyone is very kind and welcoming especially since we’re practicing at a different school.”

MC: “From our practices, I think our team is connecting really well. It is a little weird sometimes because we’re at another school, but everyone is really nice and supportive of one another”

CP: “How has the team changed since you guys first started?”

IS: “The team has changed since we first started since everyone is starting new strokes that they typically haven’t done. We have a few new divers that are trying it out this year. We have a few new swimmers from Lynn and Winthrop that are improving heavily since their first day and are picking up swimming very quickly.”

MC: “The team has changed because we grew closer together and everyone improved.”

CP: “Finally, what are you looking forward to most this upcoming season?”

IS: “I’m looking forward to the city meet since it’s my senior year and it’s super fun to get together and see how all the teams have improved throughout the season.”

MC: “I’m looking forward to hopefully winning the city meet!”

Thank you both so much for answering these questions, I wish you both the best of luck in your upcoming season and I hope you guys accomplish everything you want to in your final year of Winthrop X Lynn English Swimming. Good luck!